1) Orders are understood to be firm and irrevocable for the purchasing company while they are in no way binding for the European Industry srl even if they refer to goods ready in the warehouse. The European Industry srl always reserves the right to cancel orders, even partially. Any commitment made by representatives or travelers of the European Industry srl will not commit the same, unless after the written approval of the company management 1-a) - The proposed order, in case of non-acceptance by the European Industry srl, will be considered accepted by the latter with the delivery of the goods to the carrier or to the buyer himself. This act determines the start of the execution of the contract 1-b) - The goods object of this proposal remain the property of European Industry srl until full payment of the same. With the acceptance of this retention of title, in the event of insolvency or non-payment of the goods for more than 60 days, the European Industry srl, or its delegate, may go to the buyer's premises to take back possession of the unpaid goods.

2) The European Industry srl reserves the right to cancel orders, even partially or to a lesser extent; in which case the order will be considered valid only for the part not cancelled. The purchaser hereby declares that he has no objections in relation to such possible partial cancellations and undertakes to execute the contract, with his own obligations, limitedly and proportionally to the part not cancelled.

3) This order cannot be modified by the purchasing party, therefore following its signing, the same will be considered firm and irrevocable. In the event of total or partial cancellation by the purchasing company, European Industry srl reserves the right to request the complete execution of the contract or to accept the partial or total cancellation of the order; in the second case, the purchasing party hereby undertakes to pay a penalty equal to 30% of the total value of the goods to which the cancellation refers, renouncing any exception, calculated on the basis of the list price and without regard to any agreed discounts. This circumstance has been widely discussed and accepted by the parties.

4) The indicated delivery terms are understood to be agreed with a tolerance of 25 (twenty-five) days starting from the last day of the last delivery month indicated; within this term no claim or right can be advanced by the purchasing party nor can the termination of the contract for delayed delivery be requested within this term.

5) No claim or right can be claimed for delays or other defaults by the European Industry srl due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, and for this purpose strikes, interruptions or suspensions of electricity, suspensions and/or delays in transport, accidents, injuries, etc. are understood to be equivalent to force majeure.

6) No claim or objection can be raised except by registered letter, pec or telegram to be sent no later than 3 (three) days from delivery of the goods. After this term, the goods are to be considered accepted and free from faults or defects and suitable for use; no claim will be taken into consideration unless accompanied by an offer to make available to the European Industry srl the goods to which the complaint refers.

6-a) Given the type of product referred to in this proposal, slight differences of a technical nature regarding quality, wearability, colour, weight and finish, which fall within the scope of commercial uses, cannot be objected to. In the event of conventional or judicial recognition of any claim in favor of the purchaser, the European Industry srl will be required, at its unquestionable choice, to repair and/or replace the defective parts, or to reimburse the corresponding amount.

6-b) Any return must, in any case, be expressly authorized by the European Industry srl in writing and returned to it carriage paid. The expense for the return of the goods remains the exclusive responsibility of the buyer. In no case can any claim be advanced by the purchasing party unless after a check of the disputed goods by the European Industry srl.

7) Complaints regarding possible shortages must be contested at the time of delivery, with the drafting of a regular report verifying the quantity and type of missing goods, signed by the carrier himself.

8) The goods travel at the purchaser's risk even if sold carriage paid.

9) Delay in payments relating to previous supplies will entitle the European Industry srl to suspend or cancel further shipments. In this case, the purchasing party will forfeit the benefit of the term granted and will have to pay the European Industry srl, in addition to the amount due by fate, default interest, as provided for pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2002 and monetary revaluation.

9-a) The European Industry srl, at any time, may decide at its sole discretion to modify the conditions relating to the previously agreed payment method and to request, by registered letter with return receipt. or pec e, 7 (seven) days notice, the provision of suitable guarantees such as, for example, bank guarantees, advance payments, cash on delivery, payments subject to collection, etc.

10) The buyer undertakes to resell the goods covered by this order, or other goods referred to subsequent orders only and exclusively in the point of sale indicated in the order itself and, therefore, not to market the product to other resellers or other points of sale . In any case, it is prohibited for the buyer to offer the aforementioned goods through online sales on special websites, own or third party, unless prior written authorization from the seller, which may be released at its discretion only following a specific request from the buyer . In the event of a transgression, any commitment on the part of the seller to further deliveries of goods will be considered cancelled. Furthermore, for this hypothesis, the debtor undertakes towards the European Industry srl to the payment of a penalty equal to five times the value of the orders commissioned in the twelve months preceding the aforementioned violation, including the orders that will result unfulfilled due to the termination of the relationship. This penalty is recognized by the buyer as congruous and fair in relation to the primary interest of the European Industry srl to comply with the prohibition indicated in this article and is accepted in any case also by way of accident and settlement as a predetermination of the indemnifiable damage.

11) For any controversy, including those relating to the interpretation and/or termination of this contract, the Court of Teramo will be exclusively competent, in the section territorially competent for the headquarters of the European Industry srl and, in international sales, Italian law will be applied exclusively.

12) Any condition contrary to those present will be valid only if expressly approved in writing by the European Industry srl.

13) For internal administrative accounting reasons, the deadlines contained at the end of the month will be divided as follows: For the invoice from day 1 to day 5 of the month, the deadlines will be brought forward to the current month. For invoices from the 6th to the 31st of the month, the due dates will be postponed to the following month.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the parties declare that they have read and read all the clauses contained in this order and in particular that they have paid attention to the following articles: art. 1) irrevocable order for the purchaser and not binding for the European Industry srl; art. 1-a) acceptance of the order by delivery of the goods; art. 1-b) sale with retention of title; art. 2) faculty on the part of the European Industry srl to cancel, even partially, the orders and their residual validity; art. 3) penalty charged to the purchaser in case of order cancellation; art. 4) terms of delivery of the goods; art. 5) non-contestability of delays and defaults of the European Industry srl due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure; art. 6) terms and form for raising complaints and disputes; art. 6-a) non-contestability of slight differences between goods ordered and delivered, faculty of the European Industry srl to remedy the recognized defects by means of replacement, repair or reimbursement; art. 6-b) authorization to return goods and costs for carrying it out; art. 7) deadline for contesting any shortages; art. 8) risk borne by the purchaser for the traveling goods; art. 9) forfeiture of the benefit of the term in payments; art. 9-a) faculty of the European Industry srl to change the payment terms agreed to the buyer; art. 10) prohibition to sell the goods delivered in sites other than those indicated in the order or, in any case, prohibited by the European Industry srl, penalty to be paid in case of violation of the aforementioned prohibition; art. 11) jurisdiction for disputes; art. 12) derogation in writing of the clauses contained in the general conditions of sale; art. 13) anticipation and postponement of deadlines.