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No Stress Concept


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Put comfort jeans

European Culture proposes two models, “Skinny” or “Regular” fitting, and two looks “Luxury” or “Vintage”. Moreover, there are four different washings reflecting the “age” of the jeans. In the Luxury look the jeans will be called “New” when there is no washing or “6 months” when it is slightly washed; in the Vintage look the jeans will be called “1 year” when the washing is more aggressive and the garment looks used, or “2 years” when the jeans suffers  the most aggressive washing and looks really vintage.

Comfort Denim Color


The continuous research and the desire for innovation lead European Culture to present the never-out-of-stock project comfort denim color: an infusion of unique colors carried on a versatile article like the cotton denim but that contains in addition an exclusive comfort. The synthesis of a “sports couture” whose femininity is emphasized by a perfect fit, more sober in the regular model or more fitted in the skinny model, and whose quality is guaranteed by the skill and experience of european culture, strictly made in italy.

Comfort Elegant Wear


European Culture creates with this project a new standard of comfort: No Stress Concept, which merges two models of very feminine and elegant ladies’ trousers with a comfortable fit, thanks to the jersey waist-band.
Moreover, this feature makes it possible to adjust the height of the waist as You want. The result is a perfect combination between practicality and versatility of the products, realized with the technique of “garment-dyeing” and with the use of first quality and natural fabrics only, and the modern and unmistakable style of European Culture.

Fusion Wear Shirt-T-Shirt


The philosophy of our clothing concept is based on the  continuous experimentation in transforming and combining “tailoring” with “comfort”, mixing firm fabrics with stretch fabrics giving our garments the practicality of sportswear with elegant cuts creating a timeless unique style. Designed and produced in Italy.

With this new project we have merged a “shirt” with a “t-shirt” which is quite exceptional! In fact, we managed to make a shirt with an ergonomic look, very feminine and sexy, but with a fit and a  mix of fabrics which make it comfortable as a t-shirt. The proposal is developed in two stylish and comfortable models, one short sleeve and one long sleeve, which once again reconfirm the sartorial skills of European Culture.